Production and installation of a local treatment station MakBoxBio with a capacity of 1 m³/day Lviv region, village of Solonka

Autonomous sewage system


The Aquapolymer Engineering team manufactured and installed an autonomous MakBoxBio sewage treatment station with a capacity of 1 m³/day. Location – Lviv region, village of Solonka

How autonomous sewage system installation is performed

Description on the example of an autonomous sewage treatment station MakBoxBio-1 with a capacity of 1 m³ / day. This sewage treatment plant is designed for a small family.

  • We deliver our MakBoxBio to the object.
  • On the part of the client, the excavated pit is already ready and the concrete base is poured or the concrete bottom is installed.
  • We check whether the concrete bottom is flat.
  • We install MakBox autonomous sewage station into the pit.
  • We connect the house to the sewage treatment station.
  • We fill up the station with the water and at the same time cover it with sand. So that the body of the autonomous sewage system is not deformed and damaged.
  • The water has accumulated, we start up the equipment.
  • We close the lid of MakBoxBio – the work is completed.
  • Mostly, the process of installation and start-up of the station lasts 1 working day.

Watch a detailed video about installation on this particular object on our YouTube channel.

Aquapolymer Engineering offers turnkey services. Excavation is a possible option – we have our own special equipment. And preparing the concrete bottom for installation.

Why Aquapolymer Engineering is better:

  • Many years of experience.
  • High-quality sewage treatment equipment.
  • We perform turnkey works.
  • We provide service and preventive maintenance of MakBox sewage treatment plants.
  • Customer-oriented and open

Order an autonomous sewage system from the manufacturer

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