Manufacture and installation of local treatment plant MakBoxBio with a capacity of 6 m³/day. Transcarpathian region

Autonomous sewerage for the hotel

Work on the site is completed. Installed and commissioned sewage treatment plant for a mini-hotel in Transcarpathian region. The customer will receive more than 30 guests at the same time. Therefore, in this case, the MakBoxBio treatment plant with a capacity of 6 m³ / day is designed.

The installation was carried out on a concrete base into reinforced concrete rings, as there is  high groundwater level at the site.

Which autonomous sewerage is better

Definitely from MakBox TM. By ordering a treatment plant of our manufacture, you will get a station that really works. Degree of sewage treatment up to 98%

Our advantages over competitors

  1. Large receiving compartment that allows you to take volley discharges of sewage.
  2. The stations operate reliably and stably thanks to the equipment of the compressor and the aeration system.
  3. Thanks to the aerated plastic biofilter high quality, sewage treatment with a high content of detergents (surfactants) takes place.
  4. Ease of maintenance – 2 times a year by our specialists, does not burden you once again with worries.
  5. Possibility to reuse purified water for irrigation when installing a biofilter and UV disinfection lamp.
  6. Possibility of installation at high groundwater level.
  7. We provide a 3-year  warranty on our local treatment plants.

Order treatment plants

To get consultation on local treatment plants, call us by phone 067 245 88 89.

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