Manufacture and installation of a MakBoxBio local treatment plant with a productivity of 5 m³ / day and an MakBoxRainK70-30 oil separator with a productivity of 30 l/s. Ivano-Frankivsk region

Complete biological treatment plant

Work on an agricultural enterprise in the Ivano-Frankivsk region has been completed. The Aquapolymer Engineering team manufactured and installed the MakBoxBio C-5 wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 5 m3/day and MakBoxRain-K70-30 oil separator with a capacity of 30 l/s. Commissioning works have been carried out.

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Capacity of the local wastewater treatment station, selected for a certain number of employees, taking into account the visitors of the enterprise. The installation of the station took place in a reinforced concrete cup consisting of a bottom and rings. Taking into account that the treatment station is installed on the territory of an agricultural enterprise, on which agricultural machinery rides every day, we provided for full protection of the station – a reinforced concrete unloading plate on top. Discharge of purified water through a separate pipeline into streamlet

Oil separator

 MakBoxRain-K70-30 oil separator with a capacity of 30 l/s – selected for the facility based on the total surface area of ​​asphalted roads and roofs of buildings on the territory. The installation of the oil separator is carried out similarly to the treatment station – a reinforced concrete “sarcophagus” with a reinforced concrete unloading plate on top.

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