Manufacturing and installation of the MakBoxBio local treatment plant with a capacity of 3 m³/day and the MakBoxRain N-3 oil separator with a capacity of 3 l/s. Malekhiv village, Lviv region

Autonomous sewage system for service station

The Aquapolymer Engineering team has completed work on the new facility. MakBoxBio sewage treatment facilities with a capacity of 3 m³/day and a MakBoxRain N-3 oil separator with a capacity of 3 l/s were manufactured, installed and launched for truck service stations in the village of Malekhiv, Lviv region

Installation of treatment plant took place in reinforced concrete cups (rings and bottom) due to the high level of groundwater.

Biological treatment station

From Aquapolymer Engineering has many advantages. Including:

  • high quality of sewage treatment – 98%
  • A large receiving compartment that allows to receive volley discharge.
  • Reliable operation is provided by an aeration system based on EPDM membranes and a Secoh compressor.
  • Improved treatment parameters thanks to an aerated plastic biofilter.
  • A separate large compartment is provided for the accumulation of excess sludge to reduce the frequency of service maintenance.

Oil separator for service station

In addition to the sewage treatment plant for the truck service station, it is important to treat a rainwater. A large amount of fuel and lubricants in rainwater has a negative impact on the environment. Contaminates surface water bodies.

Order an oil separator

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