Production and installation of MakBoxBio biological treatment station with a capacity of 3 m³ / day

Local treatment facilities MakBoxBio-3 from Aquapolymer Engineering

We manufactured, delivered and installed the local treatment station MakBoxBio-3. Also, a drainage system was dug and laid for this facility, which will be supplied with purified water after the station.

This station is designed for 15 people living in the house.

Capacity of station is 3м³.

See a photo of the completed object below

 Questions that interested the customer

What are the main advantages of the MakBoxBio biological treatment station?

Payback of the station for 1-1.5 years compared to the latrine.

Wastewater treatment up to 98-99%, treated water is clear and odorless.

Always fresh air near your home.

Works reliably and silently, without user involvement.

Only quality and reliable materials

What is the warranty on the MakBoxBio station?

Warranty for the station is 3 years. The service life is unlimited.

Can you hear how the station works?

No, the work of the station is not heard.

If the light suddenly goes out, will the station work?The station will work optimally with light loss for up to 2 days. Is it safe to be near the station?Yes, it is absolutely safe near the station.Do I need to maintain a biological treatment station?Once a year, the specialists of Aquapolymer Engineering company go to the facilities for service and maintenance What is included in the station?

The complete set of system includes:

  1. Case of the station.
  2. Roof of the station.
  3. Partition system.
  4. Aeration unit.
  5. Aerated plastic biofilter.
  6. Airlift of the receiving chamber.
  7. Airlift from secondary settling tank.
  8. Airlift to the active chamber.
  9. Airlift to the secondary settling tank.
  10. Distribution manifold for air.
  11. The control unit (installation in the case), or in a technical room is completed in addition.

12.The block of blowers (compressors), is completed in addition in a technical room (above-ground or underground placement).

  1. Network of air ducts.
  2. Ventilation system.

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