Manufacture and installation of a plastic water storage tank with a capacity of 5 m³, city of Lviv

Plastic tank to order

Our team completed the manufacture of a 5 m³ plastic water storage tank in the city of Lviv. The customer used the on-site welding service.

Plastic tanks for drinking water or for industrial use – ground type from the Aquapolymer Engineering company comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

You can store clean drinking water and technical water in MakBox polyethylene and polypropylene tanks. Various food products, slightly aggressive substances and chemical products.

Tanks are compatible with water purification plants.

We can:

  1. Рroduce a tank of non-standard size, different configurations.
  2. We will use your project, or we will make the project ourselves (we have our own design department).
  3. Select and deliver a pumping station to the tank with the required capacity.
  4. And other additional equipment according to your needs: sensors, floats, taps, ventilation branch pipes, thermal insulation, heating…
  5. Weld the tank in a hard-to-reach place (basement, attic…).
  6. We work on order.
  7. We produce urgently – 2-3 days.

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