Manufacture and installation of a plastic water tank with a capacity of 30m³, Lviv

Plastic water tank

Aquapolymer Engineering has completed work on the site. A plastic tank made of polypropylene sheet with a tray was made and installed.

Tank capacity is 30 m3. Purpose – water storage.

A pumping station and a pump were also selected and installed for the customer. We stopped our choice at Grundfos TM based on the customer’s needs.

The tank is made of a non-standard shape, as the allotted space is not rectangular – location is basement

Dimensions: the widest part – 2.5m, the longest part – 6.25m, height – 2.085m

Advantages of polypropylene tanks

  • Suitable for storage of drinking and technical water
  • Easy transportation
  • Quick installation
  • Watertight
  • Light weight
  • Low price

By contacting Aquapolymer Engineering company, you will receive the support of qualified specialists who will help you choose the equipment and place your order. Our additional features include welding the  tanks directly at the customer’s site and the ability to manufacture tanks of non-standard shapes.

Order a plastic tank

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